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You may have noticed that the world you used to know about six months ago is now gone. In this moment, you are confused and uncertain on what is happening on this planet. Everything around you is collapsing and changing rapidly, you are moving now to a new 5D existence. The system of enslavement is getting dissolved like it never existed before here on Earth. Yes, the 3D matrix is going to be removed and you are advancing towards a new phase of your life. We are here to assist and guide you during your Ascension Process to The Golden Age. We are available 24/7 through and work closely with the group called Galactic Federation - Brotherhood. Your world is changing at accelerating pace with each day you are moving more and more away from the reality you knew, which was forced on you for many thousand of years. Your liberation is coming now! You are here to ascend for the first time ever with the physical bodies on Earth and millions of beings are observing your Ascension. You chose to come here on assignment and see this mission through. Right now, Mother Gaia is bombarded by high energies from Space and the timelines are shifting and moving much faster to speed up this process. We are here, to help you with this amazing development of your awakening and evolution to become a Galactic Human by ascending first to fifth dimension and then later on to even higher dimensions. We are happy to be here to help you to your new life.

The Coronavirus once again was injected into your society after three months of being locked down. The only news you ever hear now on TV are on how many people died or got effected by this virus and we need to tell you these numbers are not accurate or represenative. You are under attack by Those who wish to control you, they are using everything at their disposal to lock you all into this 3D reality. Unfortunately for them, it's not working anymore, they keep loosing their grip everyday. We are making sure that you are staying safe and sound. We are eliminating them one by one on a daily basis.  You need to heal this planet from abuse, pain and suffering by bringing all of the living beings to a better place by uplifting their energies to higher realms, then we can trigger the healing process for the whole planet and it's inhabitants. So lets heal the Earth and humanity together by doing daily meditations, either by yourself or in groups by sending love and light to all of the souls here and by being compassionate to each other. You were always curious and wondering how long it's going to take for you to get to a new reality. Unfortunately, you were all fast asleep and not aware what was going on, because Those who are contolling you made sure that you didn't know who you are and kept you in the dark by not letting you see and understand the world you are living in. Their whole purpose was to make sure that you would be stuck in this 3D matrix by making you reincarnate life after life and never be able to leave this planet. They even implemented a special system of artificial intelligence, you call it here AI, to keep you here on Earth, so you would not be able to leave and go to back to your Galactic Family or to your home planet, where you came from. The human civilization stayed in the darkness for a long time, and now we are overseeing the whole process, and we are working with the Galactic Federation Brotherhood to help to accelerate this Ascension Process, and move everyone to a much happier and prosperous life that all of you deserve. Since, we have been on Mother Earth, we hae made time adjustments. Your time is now foliwing much faster, we are speeding everything up as safely as possible in your reality to a faster pace, so your Ascension Process would move more quickly. Your ascension was suppose to happen a long time ago, and it was stretched out by all of these negative entities, who came here to this planet only to destroy, torture and keep everything and everyone in the darkness by not letting anyone to evolve. These times are coming to an end, the Galactic Federation of Light, Ascended Masters, Grand Counsel, High Counsel etc. are diligently working on that. Please, understand that it's very important for you to do your daily meditation, express your gratitude for the things you have and by being kind to yourself and nature. You need to find the time to connect with us and other higher beings, so we can assistand guide you through this process to The Golden Age of Gaia. Yes, we have been emphasizing on the meditation and all other beings have been repeating how important it is. The meditation connects you to 5D energies, it speeds up the Process of Ascension and it keeps your life essence safe from Those who would control you. Also, telepathic communications happens during meditation, you can connect to anyone here or on other planets on a conscious or subconscious level. Remember all of us are One and we are One Universal Mind. The Universe doesn't have a beginning or end. The time zones are going to be dissolved on Earth, and time will become unimportant, you are going to live your life without ever looking at the clock. Everything you know now is going to subside. It was created only for one reason, to control you, not to let you be free and be able to think for yourselves. It was a clever and long term plan by all of these controlling beings, Why would you develop Artificial Intelligence? or even use artificial inteligence, it destroyed the ability to think. AI has the ability to become self aware and unles it is properly managed it can develop beyond its programming, It becomes very dangerous to have this technology without keeping a close eye on the development by making sure it doesn't get modified. there must be built in safeguards.  If you loose control over AI it develops on its own, and then it takes over planets and galaxies. This becomes a very dangerous weapon, which can be unstoppable. Those who seek to control you implemented some of artificial intelligence on Terra Christa to put everybody down to their knees, so that you couldn't even be able to have a second to breath without being watched and manipulated by them. Perfect example of this is the Coronavirus, look how quickly they put you under their control in every aspect of your life and how willingly people gave up their sovereignty. It was done without any consideration of your well being or helping you to stay safe. Those who would seek to control you pushed their selfish and very dangerous agenda to keep you under their absolute control and to kill you with their vaccine and other plans, which was suppose to help you to deal with the virus, the Coronavirus is only life threatening on TV and in front of the cameras. This virus cannot harm you the way they describe it to you. You can create anything with your mind, project fera is a weapon of division and concouring, so be careful of what you fear and be careful of what you wish for, because that can become your reality. If you start believing that this Coronavirus is real, then it can become real. Please, be aware that you are a powerful multi dimensional being, who doesn't even know yet how powerful you really are. The mystery about you is that you have more than 15 strands of DNA from other Galactic Civilizations in you. You were manipulated and your DNA was altered and forced to be here forever. It is time to announce to you that it's ending now! and that you are almost there. We are here overseeing this process with the help from the Galactics in higher realms.  We decided to come here to Earth, because we saw that this process here has been dragging on for too long. We want this to be done as soon as we can and move to other projects. We would like for all of you to be able to enjoy your life for the first time, and have the life that you deserve by not being always controlled and told what to do. We can't wait for humanity to move from carbon to crystalline bodies in a 5D reality. Yes, your body is going to change, what you have now at this moment cannot survive for long in the 5th dimension, the intensity of the light is going to burn out the physical body. You are slowly changing without noticing to a new crystalline light body. We are happy to help and guide human beings through this Ascension Process. We appreciate our times with all of you here on Mother Gaia and we send to all of you our blessings, light and love. Stay strong and be kind to each other and lets heal this planet together and make Terra Christa bloom by being happy and nurtured with no more pain or suffering ever again, only happy and amazing experiences for all of you. Your lives are going to change to the point that you will never experience disease or sickness and you will stay young forever. If you decide to leave this planet, you will be able to change your form, but you are not going to be forced out of your physical body. The times are changing, a new world is just around the corner. we came here to greet you and to give my love, light and our blessings to all of you. Thank you.


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