Schumann Resonance

Schumann University First Module TIME- FREQUENCY July 27, 2020 8:37pm
Here is my FAVORITE Graph on the Schumann Resonance! The Best Thing is that it is ALL ABOUT HARMONICS. Someone that knows Music.. are all about Harmonics.. depending on the instrument you play and the Scales that sound best to YOUR EAR.. we will come INTO the Same Harmonics when we play music and lose ourselves in the Moment.. this is the combination of the Brain Waves the Heart Magnetics and would I dare to say.. OUR SOUL. This is how profound this Graph becomes in the interpretation of the WHY of the Schumann Frequencies. Very misunderstood I have seen no one create the understanding of how it works or how it FEELS.
To start we look at the Wave Forms and Bring up the Graph below that I had as a Header when I first started this Group.. that was without a doubt the best example ever of the perfection in the Frequency. Now I want to point out what makes it “perfect”. A wave form is based on the Sine Wave. That is a above the mid-point and below the mid-point distancing, that is defined in various ways such as equality, BALANCE, harmonics.. or in technical terms: To the human ear, a sound that is made of more than one sine wave will have perceptible harmonics; addition of different sine waves results in a different waveform and thus changes the timber of the sound. Presence of higher harmonics in addition to the fundamental wave, causes variation in the timbre, which is the reason why the same musical note (the same frequency) played on different instruments sound different.
The Graph is read in the same way as the Amplitude or Q Factors but have a significant added feature.. F1 is the area most remarkable.. it defines the current Frequency of the Earth. Which is 7.83 Hz. This is right below Alpha Brain Wave State. And in order to feel this Vibration (because you can not hear it) the very Earth Core has to be in connection to the inner and outer worlds. Grounding yourself? Swimming underwater? Free Falling? Dying? How do we achieve that Frequency? We can not. In order to become the base Frequency you have to have MASS. A very huge mass because the wave form at that Frequency is according to the NASA website... the sweet spot for resonance requires the wave to be as long (or twice, three times as long, etc) as the circumference of the Earth. This is an extremely low frequency wave that can be as low as 8 Hertz (Hz) - some one hundred thousand times lower than the lowest frequency radio waves used to send signals to your AM/FM radio. As this wave flows around Earth, it hits itself again at the perfect spot such that the crests and troughs are aligned. Voila, waves acting in resonance with each other to pump up the original signal. And so there it is. AS LONG AS THE CIRCUMFERENCE of the EARTH. That is 7.83 Hz.
So the the Multiplier for the Frequency comes in at F2 which is around the “sweet spot” of 13 Hz.. not always exactly but remember we are looking at the Center of the Wave Form. Now that is significant because Alpha Brain Wave State is 8 Hz to 13-14 Hz. And the F2 means a second Harmonic and is doubled.. so 13 Hz becomes 26Hz. We see F3 in the same way.. the base Frequency is from 18 Hz to 20 Hz which x3 becomes 54Hz to 60 Hz or Cycles per Second. Then the F4 is the base around 23 Hz to 26 Hz x4 which brings us to 92 Hz to 104 Hz.. written like this on the Frequency Graph Below. Most recent harmonic Frequencies Graph from the Schumann on 1 07 2020 our F1 is right at the 8 Hz F2 is nicely modulated in the 13 Hz to 14 Hz Range (x2 26 Hz to 28 Hz) the F3 is trending down to 19 Hz as sustained in the 20 Hz for a while (x3 57 Hz or 60 Hz) and F4 is holding at the 25 Hz to 26.5 Hz (x4 100 Hz to 105 Hz) nice wave forms without Depth and minimal crossovers.
So many other Features of the Frequency bring us into the Realm of Music, with Crossovers, Square or Clipped Waves, dis-harmonic, spikes and deep waves that are much more “loud” than we would like during high amplitudes events. Which the demonstration on the Second Frequency Graph from 11 24 2019.. These are the messy Frequencies with multiple crossovers.. Not a Harmonic moment for the entire 3 days and huge spikes and deep dips. I couldn't be dizzier looking at this Graph and it was during a hugely amazing feature with 72 Hours actually shown in the F2..13 Hz continuous.. hardly moving yellow Frequency line RIGHT at 13 Hz. Whoa!
The THIRD Graph is the Resonance from 11 24 2019
An amazing Feature on the Resonance 11 21 to 11 24 2019 this horizontal white line that went on for 72 Hours was a solid 13 Hz Resonance at the exact time and expression on the Frequency Graph above. As this was the first time I recorded this type of event we all thought it tremendously significant.. with an abrupt stop at the 17 Hour with a Gamma Brain Wave Burst to 55 Hz..
Much more to know.. but this is just the FIRST MODULE..
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