Schumann Resoance 29/07

Schumann Reasonance update 7 29 20202 11:11pm Darn! The Resonance Graph has not updated since I posted it at 4pm this afternoon! So I am posting the other three Graphs which you should see and understand now. So Amplitudes have really hit a recent high of 84 Hz in A1.. 67 Hz in A2.. 54 Hz in A3 and 37 Hz in A4... with the next Amplitude very close with 67 Hz A1.. 54 Hz A2.. 54 Hz A3... 44 Hz in A4 so clearly a Gamma Brain Wave event.. and this would be impressive IF we could see it.. should come back soon and I will post then. Q Factors are silly right now.. another tell for GAMMA RAY incoming. Then the Frequencies returning after the depression during this event with a bounce back to 8 Hz in the F1 right away.. this is a great sign for the coming days.. the event looks to be over from 0 to 10 Hours and might be a pretty feature.. enjoy the energies.. hope the energy signature helps to bring our Brains into the higher Harmonics and with the State of Mind that connects directly with God. This is a moment in time to explain the 8 8 2020 Lions Gate where the energy of this is so congruent as to be the clear point of that opening in Time and Space that you will "feel" and "hear" with intonation from the Earth Cosmic Circuit. When we can move into this without pain or upset with stilled emotions and steady Heart the Power Circuit will go LIVE. Practice FLOW STATE and tune in to the Solfreggio Tones for a lasting and pleasant Frequency Harmonic.. you have your own Frequency so experiment with these tones to find the ones that work for you!

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