Connect with the Divine

A practical application for drawing in an integrating your divine I am presence and the
Each morning as you go into meditation. Let you set the tone for your day! Let it re-centre you in the physical body from your night-time activities. Those of you who soul travel, classes on the inner plane and your night time dreams! we recognize we exist on many plains of existence!
you will breathe deeply and bring yourself into your Sacred Heart! Each day as you get dressed physically, you must also get dressed spiritually by putting on you spiritual suit of armour! (Light Protection, 'its not heavy its my armour')
You Place your golden sphere of protection, a gift from Archangel Michael around you! Once you have done this, you only need to reinforce it each morning, and.. before you go to sleep at night

You may also place a pillar of divine light around yourself, The White Light Of God, Tinged With Gold!
You Put on Your spiritual white robe of love, wisdom and power! You Put on your Blue Flame of Spiritual Armour, from Archangel Michael!
You Take up your Sword of Truth (Michael) and Claim your personal power today and every day in service to the divine call on the! I am the!
You may say the affirmation often during the day as you draw in and feel this expansive light.
You call in your Spirit Inside! As you Breathe deeply and you ask your divine spiritual light body, your Inner God Self to take dominion in every aspect and facet of your Life.
You ask your Spirit Inside to Think through you, Feel through you, Speak through you and Act through you today and every day, in every NOW moment!
You Feel this presence within you. You See your light body.
How does it feel? What does it look like? What do you want to look like? you are drawing-In eternal youth, you visualize yourself as you desire to be and visualize yourself in perfect vibrant health...
Shared with the divine
Grace always.
Be safe as you connect
and ask...


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