First Contact! but nobody will ever believe them.... Image may contain: cloud, sky, tree, outdoor and nature


Image may contain: text that says "POWERFUL SOLAR STORM -Alex Myles TODAY/TOMORROW Highly Charged G2 Solar occurring. Due to huge crack in our electromagnetic field, high speed solar wind (magnetised plasma) flow directly Earth's atmosphere, bringing with it major turbulence. Expect: Heightened Emotions, Intuition & Sensitivity Nostalgia Memories/The Resurfacing Restless Fatigue Strange Dreams/Nightmares Strong Magnetic Attraction To Certain People Your Energy Repelling Toxicity & Negativity energies are clearing out release & shift is here. You longer tolerate things you allowed in past. It is for a beginning."Image may contain: text that says "THE SHIFT INTO 5D affected us all mentally physically, emotionally, Solar has into dense cloud of energy which increases vibration comes into contact cosmic energy raises consciousness of including Mother witnessing metamorphosis shifts into 5D reality. We will increase love, peace, and and energy negative beings will survive realm. collapse of Deep State around planet. Good every country overthrowing the corrupt higher in guided by hundreds being benevolent the greatest show in the known universe the mass ascension 5D. Forgive life each moment. of consciousness determine whether stay the Old 3D yours. The arrived. shift to Earth. The choice"

Image may contain: text that says "IT'S COMING FOLKS, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT SOON THE WORLD WILL KNOW THE TRUTH grab your popcorn, fasten your seatbelts & enjoy the show!"







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