Go Inside

With the amplification of energies coming to you from Divine Light, Love and Truth, We ask that you slow down, use your self-care and self-love time mindfully.  Inner work is done with much more care when you are focused and in the now.

The many shifts will bring about dizziness and spiritual flu like symptoms.  Knowing this will bring about mindfulness to do your self-care and self-love.  More and more shifts into higher frequencies are available.  Those who are awakening are aware what energies these are.

Those who are not moving past their infant/child phase of spiritual growth are denying the light spark from within their hearts to grow and awaken.  This denial is the resistance spoken so often about.  Resisting who I AM is resisting a part of who you are.

Your inner work of self-love and self-care begin with acknowledging the I AM part of you.  Unconditional Love for you is right there inside you, not outside, but within.  This is why you are told to go within.  Use self-care and self-love, feel Unconditional Love and grow your Divine Spark expanding outward to finally become who you are meant to acknowledge.  You are an awakened Divine Being of love, light and truth.

When you go inward to seek, you awaken.  When you go outward to seek, you stay asleep. Use your gut intuition and discernment, feel the difference.  You are the only one who can make choices for yourself to awaken or not.

But we say this, your continued resistance to receiving Unconditional Love will contribute to feeling the energies in not so pleasant a manner.  The resistance comes from your dark side and ego.  Let go and feel Unconditional Loving Energy within you.

Your free will is always granted, choose wisely and awaken to who you are, with love, light and truth guiding you.

Prayers, meditations and calls for assistance are always answered.  Come and talk with Us.  We are always available and always present within you, for always.


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