Galactic Federation Contact

27th July
Subject: CONTACT

We are making one on one direct contact with many of you at this time and will continue to do so to remind each of you of your mission, and to discuss your current mission status. We will be discussing with you your current progress, ranking, as well as giving you DNA upgrades, healings, and 5D activations.
As your Light body is awakening more, we are now able to contact each of you more directly in the physical. If you are unsure of this, then you are also welcome to give us your verbal permission.
A massive ammount of you are being contacted because your conciousness has risen enough that we are now able to come much closer and this is something we are all celebrating.
Our contact may come in the form of ear ringing, strange sensations in the body such as ascension symptoms as have been described by other messengers to you.
We are preparing each of you for the acsension event.
Planetary global contact and DNA upgdades are happening now.
We have been making contact with many of you since you were children, some of you forgot, and although we are not wanting to scare you, or make you physically uncomftorable, we must get your attention now because we have very important messages for each of you concerning your missions, re locations and re assignments in some cases.
When we make contact it can cause your human bodies to feel electric or as though you are receiving electrical impulses, buzzing, burning, ringing in the ears. This is due to our very high frequncies. This is not an attack, this is us trying to contact you, to wake you up, and or to get your attention because it is vital to your collective mission.
We communicate in many ways, and know the perfect way to reach each one of you because we are your 5D Future selves. Remember!? Surprise!
Remember Starseeds, and Angels that Future Proves Past.
Remember that God is always Victorious!
Remember that New Earth 5D is here now.


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