Please be advised that: In line with government directives 'The United Kingdom is undergoing a phased release out of lockdown'.  We restarted Treatments on a phased basis from May 2020.

Corvid 19 Process and Procedure


We undertake a stringent sanitization regime: Hand Sanitizer, Sanitizing wipes, Ultra Violet-C Air Sterilizer Lamps, Ionizing HEPPA and Activated Charcoal Filtered Air Purifiers, Surgical Face Masks, Surgical Visors and Examination Gloves, to ensure your safety along with the therapist. However, we will continue providing remote healing and SKYPE/ZOOM/WHATS-APP/FACETIME/TELEPHONE consultations and treatments.

We shall continue to monitoring the situation on a daily basis and post on here in the even of any changes.


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For the duration of the current issue, the Corona Virus 'SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19 disease' which has been declared by the world health organisation as a global pandemic and global emergency. 

COVID-19 is primarily an upper respiratory tract illness, currently there is no prescribed treatment for the virus and ther is no antiviral to treat it, CORVID-19 in the first instance causes a restriction or blocking of the sinuses and respiratory tracts (nose to lungs) with thick mucus which solidifies, when the virus enters the lungs if causes fibrosis leading to pneumonia and potential premature death.  However, like many upper respirtory tract viruses it has an exploitable weakness; although it can survive for extended periods (more than 5 days) in the extreme cold and low room temperatures below 240C for up to 72 hours CORVID-19 cannot survive outside a host for more than a limited time 6 to 12 hours at temperatures of 240C or above. 

Since CORVID-19 sits in the mucus membranes of the nose, sinuses above and below the eyes, the back of the throat, wind pipe; where the air temperature is marginally above ambient air temperature.

The easiest solution to easing the buildup of mucus is steam inhalation, (E

Once you suspect that you may have been exposed to to the virus, it is advisable to raise the temperature of your sinuses, nose and windpipe and lungs to assist in the breaking down of mucus buildup.   So: Sitting in a sauna, steam room or just taking a bowl of boiling water and a towel along with a few drops of Olbas oil or Vic or Eucalyptus oil, cover your head with the towel and breathe deeply alternating between the nose and the mouth, each time you are exposed to groups of people or if you suspect that you have been exposed to the virus, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get the sinuses etc to the required temperature. 

There is a great deal of mis-information and rumor mongering out in the world.  Within the ASA and CAP guidlines; we take keeping our clients and website viewers informed with reliable non misleading information: Take a look at the Harvard Health website prevention of Coronavirus for more information:

Avoid if possible, ice cold drinks, however drinking hot drinks will raise the temperature of the important parts of your respiratory system and allow the mouth to be kept moist and flush possible infection into the stomach where it will be dealt with by the digestive juices.

And of course: sing 'happy birthday to me' whilst washing your hands with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds.  However remember use an air hand dryer or disposable paper towels not communal hand towels, also use a paper towel or toilet tissue when opening a public toilet door after having washed your hands, otherwise there was no point in having washed your hands as you don’t know what other people’s hygiene routines are like!

ABOVE ALL: Keep your vibration as high as possible, do not allow yourself to descend in to panic it lowers your vibration and leads to irrational behaviour and, above all do something every day that makes you laugh.

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