Building Bridges

This amazing Time of SHIFT is adding to how we experience both our Higher SELVES and our SOULs.
As we BEgin to remember our SELVES and return to HIGHER levels of Consciousness, aspects of us and the Higher SELVES are going to merge very rapidly.
As we BEgin to experience our SELVES as the merged Higher SELF, Greater levels of Knowledge, Wisdom, and understanding that the Higher SELVES are BEgin to BE Who We Are.
Simultaneously, our SOULs play an Enormous Role in All That Is.
Our SOULs play much more in the non-physical realm of Consciousness which is Gigantically Vaster than the physical.
It’s as if the concept and Reality of Physicalness is a grain of sand on a beach.
As we complete the Agreements we made with our SOUL (i.e. experiencing and mastering embarrassment) the veils between us and the SOUL BEcome thinner and transparent.
Soon we and our SOUL are ONE and the Creation process BEcomes vast and beyond third dimensional limitations.
As we intentionally Awaken and Merge with our Higher SELF and SOUL during this SHIFT, we are doing something that has never been done before.
Upon our current personal evolution we are BEcoming fully Aware of the Consciousness of the SOUL as it plays in the physical.
We also BEgin to build a Bridge back to the Heart of Creative SOURCE. This bridge is referred to in various texts as the “Monad.” The Monad is the Bridging element of the SOUL that has Conscious Awareness in the Non-Physical.
We are in the process, as we go through these Evolutionary steps, of BEcoming one with the Higher SELF, as well as BEcoming one with the physicalness of the SOUL.
We also are BEginning to access the Monad and the non-physical Universe, the Creative SOURCE.
This is a NEW Adventure, NEW Territory... And the Archangels, Masters and the Galactics are very, very Pleased and in Awe of what WE are Accomplishing.


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