Awaking Now

A Divine Plan is playing itself out right NOW and an incredible Mass Awakening is occurring right NOW on the surface of planet Earth, even those who have little spiritual enegy are waking up!

As powerful 5D, Gamma LIGHT continues to Stream into the planet, from the central sun of the universe and from the light beings, the BEings of Earth are Awakening on Mass and rising up together and Beginning to Create Real Change for All Humanity.

LIGHT is INFORMATION and Darkness is the Lack of It.


For eons, the TRUTH has been hidden from Humanity, by those who would seek to control humanity, Humanity was kept in the dark about many things. In the beginning we hid the TRUTH in the very hearts of mankind, it was hidden in plane sight if you knew what you were looking for.

The Earth Alliance which consists of over 4.5 billion StarSeeds stationed on the surface and on the 5D Earth, they have been Broadcasting a HIGH-Vibrational Stream of Ultimate TRUTH for a long time NOW to any and All Humans that would BE open to receiving this TRUTH, it resonated in the heart centre.

Much of Humanity has finally started to see this New LIGHT of TRUTH NOW and they are Waking Up and finding out what Truly Happened and what is Happening NOW.

Take it from us, something much Deeper and more Powerful is Happening on Earth than what you see on the surface.

A Grand and Historical Evolution of Consciousness is underway right NOW as Humanity BEgins to WAKE UP and RISE to meet the Dawning LIGHT of a NEW Day.

“Let those who seek (The Truth) keep on seeking until they find it, when they find the Ultimate TRUTH, they will BE astonished to find that they have been carrying it all the time, and BE troubled, after this they will Meditate on the TRUTH, all and come to Peace, then they will Reign supreme.

This Teaching describes the exact process that happens when one experiences a powerful Spiritual Awakening.

Do you remember when this happened to you?

The moment you first lifted your eyes above the 3D Matrix world to see a whole NEW Reality you never Knew existed.

Do you remember when you first saw the ultimate Truth of what had been hidden from you and what had been done to you?

It was Mind Blowing, Shocking and Quite Troubling to say the least, but after a time all of this passed and as HIGH-Vibrational BEing you finally made Peace with the darknessand and became one with it as it is as much a part of you as the light is.

This is what is happening right NOW to many of the Masses on the surface.

Try to see things from the HIGHER View always BEcause it is the Best View.

Oh Yes, a very Real and Literal Great Awakening is indeed underway right NOW.

The BEings of Earth are Waking Up fast NOW and BEginning to see Clearly for the first time what was has been withheld from them and what has Truly happened to them.

Many will say, “Nothing ever really changes, and the people of Earth will always be oppressed.

We say, NOT So”

We tell you that what is happening right NOW is the BEginning of the REAL CHANGE that you have wanted to see.

Give it a Moment and you will see.

Things will Change this Time and will Change for Good.

Many Great BEings of LIGHT surrounding this planet at this hour have seen that out of All of this Evolution and Revolution will arise the Greatest LIGHT of Human FREEDOM ever witnessed.

This is the EVENT and it is the Beginning of the Greatest Planetary Liberation in Cosmic History.

That is what is Happening. All Galactic Intel shows that the end of Earth year 2020 is the Beginning of the GOLDEN AGE of planet Earth, foretold of old.

NOW, how do you see things and what will you do?


Are you ready to BE FREE and SOVEREIGN NOW?

Teachings on FREEDOM and SOVEREIGNTY Live Forevermore under the ONE UNIVERSAL LAW that says, “DO NO HARM”.

BE Honourable in All your ways and BE of Noble character. Practice SELF Governance and Govern your SELVES accordingly. Take responsibility for your SELVES 100% without relying on anyone.

BE the HIGHEST and GRANDEST version of your SELVES that you can conceive of and BEgin to Live out of your Heart completely.

A SOVEREIGN BEing takes Full Personal Responsibility for His / Her own Life.

SOVEREIGN BEings do NOT require Authority figures, Gods, Leaders, and they Live as such.

SOVEREIGN BEings of LIGHT Do NOT manipulate, deceive, or control and DO NOT Allow them SELVES to BE manipulated or deceived or controlled in any way.

SOVEREIGN BEings keep their Word and Fulfill All valid Contracts in HONOUR.

SOVEREIGNTY is ultimately about realizing who and what you TRULY are and to start BEING this.

SOVEREIGNTY means that you are No less than what you are calling God and when you start to BE this, you are Fully Enlightened, and this is Ascension and the Ultimate Spiritual Goal.

The Ancient Oraphim, the Guardians and the Wing Makers call this SOVEREIGN WAY OF BEING, the SOVEREIGN INTEGRAL and it is the Greatest Evolutionary Leap that Mankind has ever KNOWN.

Much of Humanity is Finally starting to come together and though it has had a rough start, you shall see it soon BLOSSOM into and Entirely NEW Way of BEing.

What is happening NOW on planet Earth, will result in the REAL CHANGE everyone is waiting to see.

Have FAITH, All of This is Going Somewhere.

We are Almost there.

Can you still TRUST the Plan?

KNOW that All Is Well and as it should BE as a Great Evolutionary Changes continues to occur this GRAND YEAR on planet Earth.

Standby as we move into the Next Phase of the EVENT 2020 and the appearance of the Long Awaited, GOLDEN AGE.

Thank you for coming to Earth and for your Great Service to All of Humanity.



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