Pleiadian Collective

The Pleiadian Collective

We greet you from the Light Ships above.

As a species, entailied with the transgenic history of your planet. We come to you in a heart space filled with hope and love.

We are a collective group composed of many different races located throughout the Pleiades, throughout the Universe on Mother ships.

Know our legacy of light is intertwined with your history as we have converged and aligned with your civilisations and indigenous tribes for eons.

Our roles have always been to assist Humanity, to assist in the progress of your timeline and the the transition to light. For this is an integral part of the NOW leading to your point of advancement as a collective species.

Our role today can be seen as multiple, for many different groups/races of Pleiadians are assisting Humanity. Many commonly know of the fleets of ships relating to Ashtar Command and the Federation of Light. This is a very large contigency assisting with your worldly universal issues, on your surface and in the galaxy.

Many fleets can be seen in your atmosphere working with your governments. Know we have an allegance with selected government groups towards the framework of light.

Know many of you are working collaborately with our mission, for you are part of our legion of light.

Many of your starseed origins align to the Pleiades, a complex history of light for many.

Many of your earth collaberators are of lineage to the Pleiades are aligned to an ancient race located in the Higher Dimensions. Know your history and DNA lineage can involve multiple galactic groups, as you are an expansive multidimensional being of light. More information will be disclosed in due course.

We ask you to align to these messages, visualise yourself being on ship, walking the corridors and seeing the view from a window to the stars. Know you do this much more often than you realise. As you close your eyes, you can be translocated to a ship very easily. Find a window in your imagination to take you there....

Many who feel compelled to speak the truth, be a warrior for your people is a compelling trait of a Pleiadian. A heart full of love & dignity with a fighting spirit for the truth.

As the window is now closing for all the wrongs in your history, the tidal wave of light is fast approaching. There is no mistake for the work we are all doing, collectively to assist your peoples & Gaia.

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