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Title: The Soulful Fire of the Lonely Godess Lion.

For so many of us still standing, fighting and holding on whilst battling through with unthinkable bravery, I feel you, I am you and I love you.

The twins of newly formed flames and the souls of gracefully harmonious mates are becoming entwined with elevated, untouchable and elegant love. The spiritual togetherness and the unbreakable bonds of the coragious rainbow tribe has the divine universe above delicately blowing down a cloud of delightful love.

These entwined flames can be across the globe so for now, distance matters not. This love embraces the air far and wide but when they, we and all meet - wow. This uncondition compassion of oozing enchantment is not only enlightening our conscious further but these bonds of intricately formed armour are fuelled with radiating comfort.

This articulated marvel of magic is being orchestrated during this very time. The enchanting power is unthinkable. The wings that heal are magical. The love of the inner Lioness that sweetly, softly and delicately clutches you in her mouth as your inner child of an innocent cub feels the warmth that can never be taken is so beautifully meaningful.

The most mystical, magical and soothing era ever known is fuelled with the never failing yet delightfully unrelenting mangifence of divine timing. These soulful connections are radiating the world with not only love but they are opening up the portals greatly. The supreme intelligence from above are flowing through into these souls which bless our true hearts desire with a raging fire.

Be it male, female or both, the Soulful Fires of the Lonely Godess Lion are coming together in magical ways. If these entwining flames of pink enchantment could be seen with the naked eye, our current vision would not be able to handle such glowingly intense brightness.

We have known our opposing Lion Godess's for many lifetimes. This is precisely why we are suddenly connecting to people who just get us, are us and resonate with us. Many of us are yet to feel these lovingly graceful reunions but they are occurring by the second and throughout the entirety of the world. Religious or not, the only religion intended was love.

God is whispering the love of the Lioness all over us. This unconditional love is spreading like a wildfire of glorious warmth as we are now in the midst of the most epic shift to eternal love ever known.

When the Lonely Lion Godess entwines their radiating flames with their soulful version of themselves it may not be just one connection either. There are many layers, glowing differences and magical synchronicities as the fire of future euphoria have been lit.

These connections are growing in all nations and are raising all vibrations. Regardless of any man made occupation, this astounding wonder will only ever gift us the breath of lovingly euphoric elation.

With great misfortune, yet such an unrelentingly evil commune, the soulless entities that have confined us in this despairing cocoon, are losing their power as humanity begins to flower.

It is so gracefully important to calmly know that these dark entities are being as manipulative as ever. They are using more and more innocent people to distract us further. With a heart of tranquil peace, I say this:

It is now so lovingly vital to open our eyes further and to see, feel and know what is authentic and what is not. I and many are falling for the traps daily but together, we will and are seeing through these endless attempts to slow us down. Whether it be confusion, a manic mindset, impulsive decisions or just hell inside your head, this darkness is not ours. Such superhuman, yet premeditated dark manipulation of our heart warming love, compassion and kindness is being ruthlessly worked on more than ever. It is worth remembering that many of us can only see around 2-3% of our existence so what is actually going on around us is profound.

It's worth noting this too: be it meditation, generally or other means, divine connection will never make you rush. The white of spirit will never make you feel the need to suddenly, randomly or irrationally feel the desire to save humanity, friends or others. The loving light that is coragiously fighting all darkness will never cloud your aura with impulsive thoughts, decisions or perceived desirable actions but darkness will.

All ancestors of richly loving intent are with us in abundant. The supreme forces of unconditional compassion and all the loving whispers of the universe are also coming through to us now more than ever. They are blessing our intuition, souls and spirits with mindblowing synchronicity. They only give us calming insights, healing thoughts, tranquil peace and positive radiance to further shine our light.

Especially now, the dark will try and exploit us through any tiny gap. Its important to remember, we are labels of a manmade reality led by evil and 'I Am' needs to be replaced by 'We Are'. Our thoughts are not our own, so dance the night away with love and the beautifully radiating and loving spirits will dance with you. They will bless us with divine insights, lovable knowing and gracious peace. They are fighting just as hard as we are so embrace their loving touch. They are doing all they can to stop the dark from separating the entwining flames of eternal connections.

This is why all the paired numbers and much more are now being seen much more and even by the masses. These divine nudges are becoming our 4D and 5D reality. We have so much comfort and love coming through. This is the love that blows crystallized warmth onto our foreheads, holds our hands at night and hugs us when our internal battles are becoming unbearable.

As we know, insanity to many is normality to us lightworkers. This normality is going to get so much better and it's already happening. Please remember, I am you, you are me, we are one. Therefore, these words are not mine. They only come from a place of supreme intelligence that is blowing healing love all over us as we cross over the line. The Age of Dark Deception is being replaced by The Age of Eternal Love (as we know - Pisces to Aquarius). We are already over the line but this is where the darkness is doing all it can to stop us or try and pull is back. If you suddenly hate something, are jelous of someone or you are resisting something, it's so worthwhile now to question and go within.

For many of us truthseekers, labelled ones and actual victims, the unimaginable suffering goes beyond any comprehension. Let's be honest, if someone asleep to our reality of truth was to feel what we feel for just 5 - 10 seconds, they would not only want to leave our mind but they would probably feel like leaving this world. They would be begging, crying and pleading with utter desperation to go back to being asleep. We need to remember this as we are the strongest of the strong. We are the Lion Warriors of love and the true Angels of unstoppable peace. Nothing can or will ever compare to the strength of us inner beasts of love still standing and nothing will ever stop the Great Awakening of 2020.

For many of us, we have always had people come into our lives to knock us down, stunt our growth, call us crazy, cheat on us, abandon us, crush us, abuse us and much worse. When are we going to realise (but many do) that we have been targets of superhuman and intelligent manipulation through unimaginable darkness for lifetimes? We have to see this and if that means cutting more people that are being used against us and by dark entities, including family, so be it. Remember, no matter how broken they make us feel they are being used and we will all realise this later I promise.

Sacrificing friends and/or family if they are impacting this awakening or us in just the slightest of ways is far more important than anything else. This is what real love is. We need to embrace disengaging from those you love. This short term sacrifice is for only love - worldwide love - harmonious love and this mainly includes freeing them into love too. If it's all good, that's fine but if anything is jeopardizing your greater good, at least question it.

Who will be the true hero in the end?

We will be

Who will be forever grateful?

They will be

Who will treasure you forever?

Every single one of us will

Who will rightfully learn from the biggest karmic event in universal history?

Most of humanity

Who will admire us, honour us, love us, respect us and so much more?

Most of humanity

Who will be known as the coragious souls that stopped at nothing, sacrificed everything and suffered for everyone and in the name of love?

We will be

Who are the Lonely Godess Lions?

We Are!!!

Our eternal footprints of love are to be left in the sand of all lands as we lovingly expand

At times, we need to forget this "love and light fliffy stuff" as right now, love can start getting tough. The result is so close that it is here. That's why we can feel, see and know way more than just syncronicities.

Eternal love, euphoric ecstasy, utter joy, limitless happiness and the biggest relief that I, u and none of us can even imagine is here. It's here to stay and it's on our doorstep. Let's empower ourselves and others as we stomp so ruthlessly hard now and with unstoppable passion. If we feel it, say it. If we mean it, say it. If we know our truth, let it go, let it flow and lets glow.

Nothing will or ever can stop us



Now is the divine time to start adding more of us lightworkers as friends and to connect to others with that intuitive knowing of light. By the minute, our force is not only becoming more formidable, but the divine above are getting very, very excited. They have so got us

It is also of great importance that we cannot push too hard with waking up others as we need to come together first. In all honesty, I have seen enough ego battles between us lightworkers on these sites so we need to fix us before we fix them. I say that with love but this is vital. Lovingly high vibrations or ego based lower dimensions?

Always love, only love and love wins

Regarding myself, if you feel even the slightest loving nudge in your heart, soul or aura then don't hesitate in adding me up. With no ego attached, I have become a master of spotting trolls, distracters and easy targets used by darker forces to try and bring me down so I know who to accept and who will try to damage me.

As most of us know, trolls are being paid to leave comments like open questions, act dumb or try and suck us in. We need to see through this and our intuition is there for that. The truth is, I embrace open questions of course but I can spot a troll a mile off. The truth is always within the post, comments or in the countless links we thoughtfully leave. Why should we be made to repeat ourselves as they suck us in? We have done the hard work so dont let your energy get wasted or get sucked into a whirlwind of distraction. Creating a minor or major disagreement is a classic too so see it, ignore it and let's raise up with utter love. We are dealing with experts and masters of supreme deception but we are far more powerful than they can ever be

Also, I embrace all sharing of any of my posts, my personal posts or absolutely anything as sharing is caring and love is priority over anything else

I do feel it's unauthentic when people don't reply in some way to most, if not all comments after they have done a post like this. This connection that comes in the comments is so often, the most important and meaningful part. I mention that now incase I do get loving comments as I will do all I can to respond. However, I made this post priority over everything so I will continue rewriting my book tomorrow. Basically, I chanelled 3 books in 4 months but the first one I released on 5th June 2020 was hacked, tracked and taken down so I am re editing the first one and it's a big job

My battles with darkness just to rewrite what I've already written is not just crushingly spiritual but it gets physical. The darkness targets me due to the intensity of divine chanelling involved. Truth, love and more truth is the way we can help awaken others. The larger the truth, the more that fallen angels, dark souls and cruel entities will weaken

Finally, when the purely authentic ones add each other as friends, like and comment on our personal posts as well as the spiritual ones, those more asleep shall follow. Those personal posts that are often seen as crazy by our friends, will become more a alive with loving popularity. We are then taking action and with love. They shall see, they shall come. We are playing them at there own game. The more of us do this, the more comments and likes that will grow and when those asleep see the popularity of love, their guard of anger, jelousy and the "why not me?" will fall. With the purest of love - action - action - action and never - reaction

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