Electromagnetic Sensitivity

To assist Healing of ElectroMagnetic Sensitivity.

EMF protection crystals are beginning to interest more people because of the large number of electronic devices that are being used that emit EMF.  EMF stands for ElectroMagnetic Fields, there is a significant amount of information relating to the health issue and reactions to EMF, this is commonly called Electrical or Electro Sensitivity; so many items in our everyday lives emit EMF, just about every electrical appliance sits in standby mode these days, the power supply is working and emitting waves of energy, but the device is not on.  If you were able to see EMF you would realise that you were walking, not through a fog but through Thick Vegetable Soup with lumps in it.  All of the devices around you including all of the cables; buried in the walls of your house, the cables running along the sides of the roads, the transmission lines of the national grid, satellites in space, microwave links point to point across the land, commercial radio transmitters - emit waves of energy; some is low vibration 50hertz mains electricity, through mobile phones and Bluetooth, WiFi right up to microwave energy.  Then there is 5G – and that is another story, many thousands of transmitters Sky-link orbiting the earth in Low Orbit, on lamp posts, masts, in the hoardings at the fronts of shops, petrol stations, 5G works on millimetric wavelengths. The lower the frequency i.e. 1st generation mobile phones, the cells were 35km in diameter, with 3rd generation mobile phones the cells are 1km in diameter, with 5th generation the cell size is 200m in diameter, as the frequency increases the power required increases or the distance diminishes.

What is EMF:

The meaning of the term EMF comes from the two words ElectroMagnetic Fields; EMF's or ElectroMagnetic Fields can be found in many places and some are strong EMF fields and others are very weak.  The number of devices continues to grow and it is now common for most people to be surrounded by large amounts of electromagnetic smog, both at home and in their work places.  ElectroMagnetic Radiation is emitted by many devices, but in particular mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers and WiFi as well as microwave ovens and TV's.  Another source of EMF's that is now getting more attention, are the large number of phone towers popping up all over the place, and of particular concern the new 5G towers that are being installed in many areas, it is now quite common to hear about the danger of using mobile phones next to your head.  Most people are now aware of this and have changed the way they use their phones, making sure they use a headphone instead of holding it to the ear.

Why Would You Use EMF Protection Crystals?

If you are a person who loves crystals it is obvious that you would choose to use them, to help with the healing of any type of health issue, this is especially so when you feel that electro - sensitivity has begun to bother you or if you know that you are using a lot of devices such as those mentioned above,  I have investigated the healing attributes of various stones and looked at the benefits of crystals to see which ones were the best healing crystals for EMF's:  Black Tourmaline is a powerful crystal for EMF Protection, holding it in your hand can help you to feel better if you are impacted by EMFs,  there are a number of EMF protection crystals that are highly beneficial to either mitigate EMFs, eliminate or reduce the level of electromagnetic smog that may be impacting you, there are quite a few stones that are known to help the body to naturally heal from the effects of electrical sensitivity as well as quite a few that will help to block EMF's.  Some are well known crystals that are useful to keep near your devices, such as Black Tourmaline, Shungite and Obsidian.  You may also find that these crystals are highly beneficial when worn on the body, there are also a number of other suggestions for averting the effects of EMF's

Symptoms of Electromagnetic Sensitivity:

Perhaps you are wondering if you have electrical sensitivity, it can be difficult to be sure if it’s related to being ungrounded, or if your issues are caused by electromagnetic sensitivity.  There are quite a few symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity and some indicators of this health problem are also on my list of symptoms of being ungrounded.  There are a number of common symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity, and some people experience all or just some of them.  Let’s start by looking at some of the symptoms that are also on the list of symptoms of being ungrounded.

  • Dizziness, feeling spaced out, light headed or a floaty feeling
  • Waking up tired
  • Difficulty concentrating or focusing on issues
  • Feeling generally unwell, totally lacking energy, tired and drained
  • Memory loss and forgetfulness - forgetting appointments or other important things
  • Sensitivity to light and noise
  • Feeling over stimulated and nervy
  • Bumping into things or other general feelings of clumsiness

There are also a number of symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity that are not related to being ungrounded:

  • Irritated skin that feels like its burning
  • Severe headaches that come on when you are near towers or devices emitting electromagnetic radiation
  • Joint and muscle pain, muscle weakness, pain in the spine
  • Insomnia - including waking over and over in the night
  • Ringing in the ears especially at night
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Heart pain and heart palpitations (see your doctor if you experience these symptoms.)

Note: If you suffer from any of the symptoms on the second list it may be valuable to get some advice from your health practitioner, especially if you have heart pain.

The Electromagnetic Soup Impacting us all...

If you are using the devices mentioned above, you are probably surrounded by continuous high levels of electromagnetic soup, they are now everywhere in our society so it may not matter if you are using them yourself as your neighbours devices may still affect you.  These symptoms can be very uncomfortable and concerning if you are not aware of what is causing them, if you find that you suffer from any of these health issues when you are using one of the devices discussed above, it may be worth reading more about the health issues related to EMF's.  Black Tourmaline - one of the most well-known EMF protection crystals, many people find that grounding themselves can help their electrical sensitivity and lower the risk of suffering ongoing symptoms.  Performing a grounding meditation can also be helpful and it may help you to use both grounding crystals and EMF protection crystals.  Some stones do both: Shungite is a powerful stone to help you, walking barefoot on the earth can help you to discharge built up electricity in the body, and making an earth connection can be highly beneficial.  

EMF Protection Crystals That Can Help You

Although there are quite a few EMF protection crystals, to make it easier I have compiled a list of the most effective stones for this purpose below.  The first five on this list are the most potent stones to choose.

  • Shungite
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Fulgurite
  • Amazonite
  • Aegirine
  • Eucryptite
  • Aventurine
  • Black Moonstone
  • Fluorite
  • Flint

The above are all helpful for healing the effects of EMF's.  Keep a couple of pieces of Black Tourmaline next to your computer, and a big chunk on your bedside table, as it has a unique ability to transmute or alter negative energy into positive energy.  Orgonite can also be helpful, and where possible see if you can get an orgonite that contains one or more of the EMF protection crystals, to double up on the protective qualities.  Black Tourmaline, Amazonite, Aegirine and Shungite are all fairly easy to obtain as jewellery.  If not, just put a piece in your pocket or in a spiral necklace during the day and at night put it on the bedside or under the pillow.

Take Care With The Stones Below...

While Magnetite, Hematite and Pyrite are commonly recommended for this purpose, please note that it is not a good idea to use them next to some devices as they can cause the device to malfunction.  Although both Chlorite Phantom Quartz and Smokey Quartz are EMF protection crystals that may be useful to assist your symptoms, only use them if there are no devices on nearby as they can boost the EMF's you are receiving.  All types of quartz have strong amplification properties, and may amplify the emanations of the devices, giving you a stronger dose of EMF's, so it valuable to avoid that.

Ideas To Mitigate, Avert or Fend Off Electromagnetic Sensitivity.

Here are some of the ideas that are commonly suggested that help to avert electrical sensitivity and if you already have some symptoms may help to prevent it getting worse.  Start by putting together a plan of action to lower your risk and work towards creating a safer home environment.  There is a fairly uncommon mineral that you can take every day that may help you and do research on its benefits.

Got wifi? If you already have symptoms, it may be beneficial to turn off the wi-fi on your router and connect it to your computer or laptop using a cable,  even if you do not have electrical sensitivity, make sure you turn off your wi-fi at night while you are sleeping.  Its easy to do in the configuration of the router or alternatively using a time switch, so you don't have to remember to keep turning it on and off.  Do not sleep with your phone in your bedroom, and if possible either turn it off or turn it onto airplane mode, to prevent it from continuously broadcasting all the time.  If you do choose to use a mobile phone, Tablet with a sim card in it, you can get Shungite plates and stickers to put on your phone to help you.

Its also of value to make sure that you remove electronic devices from your bedroom, such as electric clocks, televisions and the like.  If that isn't possible move them as far as possible away from your bed.  Once it was evident that 5G antennae were being added to the phone towers, LED lamp posts, shop hoardings and garage forecourts, people are painting the walls of their houses closest to masts etc. with T98 EMF blocking paint.  There are now also EMF blocking curtains made from Naturelle fabric, to prevent EMF's entering the rooms, a good night sleep is very important to aid electromagnetic hypersensitivity, so this can be highly beneficial.


Discover Crystal for EMF Shielding:

It is a good idea to use crystals as much as possible to assist any type of health problem; it makes sense to discover the top crystal EMF shields to use to help you.  As part of my research I discovered that the electromagnetic sensitivity is becoming a lot more common and whether you actually have this health issue or not, it is beneficial to educate yourself.



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