Connecting with Angels

Connecting With Angels

How Can You Contact The Angelic Realms?
Connecting with angels and other beings from the spirit world is a powerful way to move your spiritual growth forward.  Angels are loving beings that are there for every one of you, if you ask for their help.  Do you wonder how to go about doing this?  If so read on, as I will discuss below what I have found to be the best way to begin contacting angels.  There are many crystals that you may use that will elevate you to an area where you may access the help of Divine beings and guides.
How to Begin Connecting with Angels
It will help you if you white light yourself or bring in the golden light, to take you to a deeper more reverent state.  Once you are in a deep meditative state, ask to be elevated to the angelic realms, then relax and allow it to happen.  Once you make contact with the angels they will help you.

You may start the process of connecting with angels, by going into a deep meditative state.

  • You may choose to hold a crystal to accelerate the process, like Blue Angelite, and although this is not really necessary, it is helpful.
  • Regardless of whether you actually see angels or other beings at this time, you can still ask for their help.
  • If you feel intuitively that they are present begin to make contact.
  • It was written... Ask and it shall be given... and the angels will help you.
  • You may feel their presence there, and for those with the psychic gift of clairsentience this may be the way you make contact.
  • Begin connecting with angels, then ask for what you desire or need.

If you are not sure how to get started with meditation, check the basic meditation.

Use Crystals to Help with Contacting Angels
In particular one that is usually easy to get is Green Prehnite.  One of its strongest assets is that it will put you in touch with beings in spirit, up to the level of the Archangels, and other celestial beings.  This green crystal is specifically known to aid you when connecting with angels and to make contact with Archangel Raphael, to aid healing and enhance creativity,

in the past they believed it to be a stone of magic, and this may have been because contacting angels was made easier when using Green Prehnite.

There are a range of different beings that you may choose to call angels including:

  • There are the seven Archangels, as well as your guardian angels, your spirit guides and the various other angels, sometimes called the ministry of angels.
  • It is said that we each have two guardian angels, who begin their job when we are born, and are with us constantly until the day we return to spirit.
  • All of these beings are available for you to call upon for help, and all have various jobs.

Once you begin spiritual development or work to develop your psychic abilities, making contact with your spirit guide will possibly happen as part of the process.  Many of you will be aware that you have guardian angels, as these beings may have aided you in times of trouble.

How to begin Contacting Angels

Are you wondering how to begin contacting angels?  Its easier than you think, and its mostly about having an attitude of allowing it to happen.  We are able to contact both the Archangels and the other angels whose work it is to be of service to mankind.  Many of you may have been aware that you have angels around, but not everyone is aware that the angels are very happy to help you, the name angel stands for ANcillary Guardian of Environment and Life.  You may have seen them during meditation, especially if you have been meditating with a crystal in your hand, like Blue Iolite or Green Prehnite.  The first thing to remember is that they want to help you, but that you will need to ask for their help, this is because everyone is born with free will, and unless you ask for their help, they are not allowed to help you.  You may find this difficult to understand but once you ask for their help, expect to get it, even if you don't actually ask verbally, connecting with angels may happen in a situation of danger, you may ask by putting out an energetic request from the depths of your heart and your guardian angels will help you in these circumstances.

The Seven Archangels
The Seven Archangels are the most important of the angels in the higher realms, and they have specific jobs that they do to aid those of us on earth, the most well-known are the four highest Archangels,  their names are Archangel Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel.  The other three are Archangels Raguel, Sariel and Remiel.  Various sources outline exactly what they look after, so I will tell you some of what I have read that they are responsible for.
  • Michael is the highest of the Archangels and he looks after matters relating to protection and love.
  • Gabriel is his second in command and he/she is responsible for helping you if you have emotional problems.
  • Raphael's job is to aid healing and creativity, so he is the one many of you may feel the need to call upon if you are sick and need healing.
  • If he is called upon to help, he also guides healers to take the right action in difficult situations.
  • Uriel helps you to stay grounded and is said to be the angel that greets you as you enter heaven, many people believe he is also responsible for aiding those with musical gifts.
Contact with Angels and Clairaudient Abilities
If you have clairaudient abilities you may hear the voices of the angels that wish to communicate with you, there are particular stones that are known to aid both clairaudience and to help you to make contact with angels, if you are meant to be clairaudient, using particular crystals may allow you to develop this gift more quickly, each of you have individual psychic gifts that you are specifically able to develop, use crystals such as Blue Celestite, Iolite Stones, Herkimer Diamonds or Selenite to help you develop both.  Once you start to use these crystals they may help the process to both aid clairaudience and help you to begin connecting with angels and angelic beings, be aware that you do not need to be clairaudient to make contact with angels, some people experience angelic beings by seeing them and may have the gift of clairvoyance or psychic visions.  Once you have asked, you shall receive and sometimes you get what you ask for in quite interesting ways, once you've begun connecting with angels they may communicate to you in variety of ways, even through your dreams, sometimes you get what you desire in quite strange and unusual circumstances, this is particularly true if you are using specific stones that boost synchronicity, synchronicity may govern the way that the things that you desire are delivered to you; this is an interesting concept, as sometimes not long after you have asked for something you will notice events that happen that are inter-related in strange ways, this is a way that angels use to make you aware that this is the direction to look for the delivery of what you desire.  There are a number of stones that you can use that encourage more synchronicity to occur in your life, and some also work to attract the help of the angels, like Baryte and Lilac Lepidolite. sometimes synchronicity works when you are reading a book and a particular passage just seems to be drawn to your attention in some strange way, later you may hear someone speak the same words, listen to these unusual things, as the angels use this method to deliver. Once you begin connecting with angels, you may receive inspired ideas, your intuition has a major role here, as you need to be intuitive as you wait for the thing or circumstance that you asked for, to be delivered.
Live in Gratitude
Be confident that the angels will deliver what you have asked for and with this confidence be totally grateful in advance for the gifts that the angels are going to bring to you many of the crystals that aid you with connecting with angels are also powerful stones to move your spiritual growth to a higher level, you may use stones like Morganite by keeping a piece in your pocket, or by wearing jewellery on your body. Many of the crystals that help with angelic connection are also powerful aids that may assist you to begin to develop your intuition.  Having stronger intuition can be beneficial to assist you to be aware of the next step to take, the longer you keep these stones within your auric field, the more you will encourage the circumstances that may take you to a place where you make contact with high vibration spiritual beings, this may help you to feel a greater level of gratitude for all that you have been given, living in gratitude has a powerful vibration, and may speed up the delivery of the next thing you ask for, because once you begin connecting with angels, you will use this wonderful connection to allow your life to run smoothly, hold them in your hand while you are doing a specific meditation for developing psychic gifts.  This may help you with developing clairvoyant gifts such as psychic visions and other psychic abilities, once you get what you have asked the angels for, be grateful for what you have received.
Choosing Your Crystals: Discover crystals that boost angel contact
Use these while doing your daily crystal meditation, you may find that you easily visit the realms of the angels, you could use any of the crystals discussed here; especially good choices are those that aid you to develop clairaudience, also known as psychic hearing, you could also use those that aid you to develop clairvoyant abilities or psychic visions.  Angels are loving beings who are there for every one of you, if you ask for their help!  Begin connecting with angels and you may find your life changes in range of ways, be grateful, surrender to the process and allow what you have asked for to be delivered in the best way for you, your angels know what you need so keep alert yet relaxed and you will get what you asked for, but don't scare it away by lack of belief in the process.  "The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand, the angels come to visit us and we only know them when they are gone."
List of Stones to Aid Contact with Angels
The crystals in the list below have been known to help with contacting angels, if you use them in meditation many of these stones will assist you to easily travel to the higher realms where you may begin connecting with angels:

Mangano Calcite

Beryllonite Crystal

Chlorite Quartz

Tunellite Crystal




Blue Hemimorphite


Ajoite in Quartz

Golden Amphibole Quartz

Ice Calcite aka Angel Ray Calcite


Stellar Beam Calcite

Lilac Lepidolite

Clear Danburite


Herkimer Diamond

Blue Topaz




Lemurian Seed Crystal

Clear Phenacite

Aragonite Star Cluster


Larimar Stone



Blue Lace Agate

Orange Creedite Cluster




Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite

Spurrite aka Strombolite

Lepidocrocite In Amethyst

Pink Petalite

Angel Aura Quartz


White Opal


Smoky Elestial Quartz Cluster

Miriam Stone aka Calligraphy Stone or Elephant Skin Jasper


Golden Yellow Labradorite

Rainbow Fluorite

Purple Scapolite



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