Break Free and Become Sovereign

We are very capable of sensing when there is something simmering just beneath the surface of the human collective consciousness, and we are getting that feeling right now, as we observe you. We are noticing a movement towards all of you gaining quite a bit of clarity about who you want to be, how you want to live your lives, and about your sovereignty. Humankind has been looking for the perfect opportunity to free yourselves from the bondage of depending so much on your governments, your leaders, your captains of industry.

Humankind is ready to break free from the system that has been reflecting more of that third-dimensional consciousness that you’ve had present on your world for so long. You are ready to be free of all of the systems that limit you, the systems that tie you down and hold you back from being who you want to be. This is where you as the awakened collective come in, because you understand the mechanics of the universe. You understand how to create your reality, how to manifest, how to live outside of all systems. You understand how to make yourselves invisible to that which is third dimensional.

Now, what we are talking about here is essentially raising your vibration high enough to where you create your own society. We are talking about moving yourselves out of your current economic and political systems, and living as fifth-dimensional beings, manifesting what you need out of thin air, starting communities where you pool resources and where you co-create with the power of multiple humans, focusing on what the community needs and what the community wants. You have grown weary of relying on politicians to represent you, instead of their interests. You have grown tired of expecting corporations to have a conscience, to care about the environment, to care about the people that buy their products.

And many of you recognize that the system that you have been living in has been rigged to make those in power even more powerful. So why even try to thrive in that system when you know that you are ascending, when you recognize that the universe has you back, and when you can feel all the beings of service around you, who are there to support you, who are there to lead you into this fifth-dimensional realm that you are co-creating as the awakened ones.

You are ready for something very different, and the world as it is today is showing that now is the perfect time to throw off the shackles of oppression, to free yourselves from third-dimensional ideas and paradigms. You are ready to start living in 5D right now, and you are the ones to lead the rest of humanity to that frequency range, as they will ride on the coattails of your successes, of your wisdom, and of your high vibration.


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