What Does Awakening Feel Like

Popularised stories of awakening like those of Ekhart Tolle and Byron Katie have led to a collective expectation of what a spiritual awakening should and will feel like. The common phantasy is that one will be blissed out permanently, free of worldly pressures and certainly no longer engaging in egoic interactions.

Personal experience, and experience of coaching others’ through their awakenings have led to the following observations:

There is no one way to awaken spiritually.  Your process and depth of awakening depends on your pre-scribed soul path.  If you are here on a mission, you will embody exactly as much of your true energy that is needed to fulfil your mission – no more, no less.
Awakenings can be sudden and lasting leading to permanent states of bliss but this is rare and designed this way if your mission on the planet requires it.  Most of us however, go through a process of awakening rather than an event.
True awakening only begins once you have entered non duality.  Once you can experientially know that there is no “person” here, and you are spirit inhabiting a body – this is the beginning, and not the end.  Now the ego starts to wind down, which now becomes a speedy and effortless process i.e. you no longer need to push, the momentum exists in and of itself.  Note: though the process is now effortless, it is by no means easy.
Grossly, there are two main “routes” to awakening, that can take a million different forms in physical reality; the path of the heart & the path of the head. Which one you take is usually predetermined in terms of karmic stipulations, or your natural propensity.  Eventually, it does not matter which path you take, as all roads lead to Rome.
If you follow the path of the heart, then you tend to have a more blissful awakening, possibly similar to the popularised accounts.
If you follow the path of the head, to the contrary, you mobilise Karma, and as the egoic personality starts dissolving, a lot of upheaval can occur in daily life. It is variable but on average it takes about 3-7 years for the process to settle.
Physically, what occurs during an awakening is that your DNA sequences are restructured.  New DNA sequences coding for higher frequencies start to replace old low vibrational sequences.  This remodelling takes place at a nuclear level and induces the RNA to re-code for new proteins, starting at organelle level.  This means that your body is built almost a new, and this can be quite difficult on a physical level, especially when the bone structure is re-forming.
Psychologically all the mental structures holding your life in place start to dissolve.  Popular belief is you become a nicer person.  This may be true in the sense that you are careful not to incur more karma and keep in check any malicious tendencies.  However, on a social level it becomes extremely difficult to spend time with or accommodate those who are not on a similar path.



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