Ashtar Command

Welcome galactic brothers from the planet Gaia.

Today we communicate directly with all of you who have enough awareness to understand these words of reunion through conscious contact on this new DAY that opens before all of you.
We connect here and now to ask for caution, patience and above all collaboration.

In these special moments for your planet, the solar system and the entire galaxy, we are flying over your spaces to monitor, control and ensure the great plan established by those responsible for this corner of the universe that you call the Milky Way.

We, the Galactic Confederation are already prepared to collaborate in the next events that are going to take place and that you are going to live on your planet.

A whole great fleet of silver interstellar ships in front of Commander Ashtar, have taken positions, so that no entity, or groups of entities, can harm or fail to execute the plan and the manifestation of the golden age that on your planet must and is being established.  The deadlines set in your space-time line must be met.

All those responsible for the most powerful governments on the planet are informed, warned and instructed about the conditions and the changes to be made in this cosmic cycle that has already come to an end.

We are going to give them a vote of confidence, we are going to hope that it is what they do with everything that has been shown to them.  Once the term expires, the appearance of our army of Light will be unstoppable, our technology at the service of light and of the Divine Plan will be unforgiving for all those who want to obstruct the ascension process of this planet.
There will be no fighting, no oppression, no invasions.
We will simply appear to ensure that the New Earth process occurs without political, economic, religious or racist impediments.

The appearance of our silver ships, along with other events that will simultaneously take place, will ensure the establishment of a new paradigm throughout the planet.

At that moment the great awakening of humanity will cause a great release of Light, which will destroy all the density that you have been accumulating in the astral of this planet, releasing it, ridding planet Earth of all that dense energy and transmuting it into Light.  All suffering, illness and egregor of aggressiveness and selfishness will be eradicated in a massive act of ascension.

It is unimaginable for your minds, this moment that we are describing to you is unimaginable for most of this humanity that continues to be immersed in the uncontained depredation of its planet and its brothers.

Be prepared for when your services are required, since from this frequency on that we are connecting with you, you are known all one by one, we have located each and every one of you, those who are aware of our presence and those who are not.
Our fleet of ships has sophisticated and incomprehensible technology for you. So that you can minimally understand it, you are all in a file system where all your achievements are, your current point of consciousness, your degree of commitment in the planetary ascension process.
In this file system you are being monitored to update all your progress, thus giving us almost constantly, your ability to act and the degree of collaboration in this process.  This allows us to respect to the maximum the free will that you enjoy. Being at all times aware of the type of collaboration and support that we can count on each of you.
It is very important that you do not falter now, because each step you take for yourself, allows us to count on you with more or less intensity in these times that are coming.

You must know that everything that is preventing you from evolving, everything that now appears to you as obstacles, is part of the resistance that is taking place on the part of a sector of humanity.
This part is not accepting the new conditions to follow on this planet and is trying to prevent the execution of this plan. It is against the re-establishment of the great plan and the complete establishment of the Light on this planet.  For all these reasons, they are trying to create fear, violence, despair, discouragement and ignorance.
Do not give them strength, it is the last cartridge they are burning with great despair.

Focus on yourselves, Unite with other Lightworkers, work in silence and above all discern.
Discernment in these end times is very important, for not everything that is being done and said in the name of the Light is for the Light.
Focus your effort, your conscience and your service to the establishment of.  Do not try to unmask them, you will waste time and effort, focus your effort, your conscience and your service to planet.

Do not waste time going against something that will soon cease to exist, do not feed it even with thought.

The moment is key now, focus on the Light, work from the light and radiate it in all its intensity.  Leave for us the wicked, the instigators, the tricksters, those have already chosen and are our responsibility, not yours.

Every time you empower them with your minds or through your emotions, you enter at their mercy by an act of your free will that we cannot enter

There you are losing strength, effectiveness and time, weakening our army of Light on Earth, thus delaying the final victory.

Do not fall into this subtle trap, because if you fall, we cannot intervene.

Stay tuned because the only way for costumes and imposters to fall is that you know how to detect them and the only way that you will detect them is by placing them in front of you so that you can feel how they vibrate.

Do not pay attention to who they are, or what they are, or even what they do. Feel its vibration, Inspire its energy, feel its light, feed on it and if you find nothing, just move away, we protect you, if you insist on fighting and unmasking them, we have to withdraw and leave ourselves at your mercy.

We want you to understand that the Light is Light.  And in the full understanding of the Light, she does not go against anything or against anyone. It is simply expressed, It is.

Lightworkers, be very aware of these words, unite and be, it is enough, leave the fight for others.  Let us protect you at all times, do nothing to take you away from our protection, as this means a loss of power in your energy fields, a loss of power of your mission as Lightworkers.  And a loss of power from the great army of Lightworkers in every corner of this planet.
The full galactic confederation is here and now to support you, that is why we are giving this message of awareness, of unification, so that you know how to control your mind and your emotions.

I, commander Ashtar Sheran, responsible for the galactic confederation and in command of the silver starships, ask here and now for the collaboration of all the beings on the planet, to be on the frequency to understand this communication addressed without exception to all awakened souls and aware of the planet, in the place that they are and of all the souls that in the course of the liberation of the planet in the Light can awaken.
Serving the same as an understanding of the process and a model for, the guidelines to follow in these moments of openness and liberation.

Because of the importance, the scope and the consequences of this message, make it reach the greatest number of beings on the planet who can understand, and apply it.

Do not be afraid that it falls into ignorant hands, as it will not be understood or believed.

Do not be afraid that it falls into manipulative and irreverent hands, because if you follow these instructions, you have nothing to do, only give in.

Take this message as a guideline to follow, as a great proclamation and congratulations.

Take this message for what it is, the establishment of Light, Love and Power on this planet. Without contemplation, without concessions, without resistance, without struggles, without manipulations.

It is the ESTABLISHMENT OF LIGHT BY A PROCESS OF BEING. Established by conscious humanity and supported by the Galactic Confederation of Light, commanded by the speaker, Commander Ashtar Sheran.

From the silver ships of liberation, I encourage all of you who vibrate with this communiqué, to work on it and, above all, to expand it until it reaches the hands of the last Lightworker.


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