Ascension Update 07

Today is a lot of energy as it is a Galactic Activation Portal Day.  We can expect lots of upgrades.  This Leo Season is set to be extra powerful as we have tons of light codes pouring in through the Lions Gate Portal.  This portal will peak and completely open 8/8.  The Sun and Sirius are in perfect alignment.  Sirius is our Spiritual Sun and this energy may even be bringing back memories from any past lives in Egypt!  This is a powerful gateway between worlds.  It’s where the physical and the spiritual merge into one.  This Leo energy is helping anchor these ascension codes.  This energy will bring with it a massive expansion of consciousness and lots of people will even wake up from it.  Many people are already feeling the effects of these energies.  Our bodies are getting ready for what comes next.  Make sure your getting lots of rest and really working on your energy.  This is really high frequency energy that will be especially felt in the third eye chakra and the heart chakra.  It’s time to open your heart and your mind to these cosmic energies.  You may be experiencing lucid dreams, heightened intuition, an increase in clairvoyance or deja vu, downloading information, remembering ancient wisdom, 3rd eye activation, clearing of the solar plexus chakra, or even heart chakra expansion.  A lot of people are clearing a lot of karma.  That may look like the shedding of relationships that no longer match your frequency.  There is an increase in synchronicity happening right now.  It’s time to follow the signs, or that feeling.  It’s very important you’re following your own internal guidance.  That always works better when we clear the things blocking it, such as traumas or fear.  This is a time of transition but it’s meant to be a good thing.  This journey has been for your highest good.  These are cosmic light codes meant to shift you into a more awakened state.  This is a huge energy influx, but it is activating you.  It’s meant to bring a lot of abundance and assistance with it.  These energies can be used in huge ways, as we are seeing by the transformation we are going through.  This is a really good time to get creative.  Leo Season is awesome for finding your fire.


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